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Virtuality, often expressed via technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) has become a staple of media news, cultural artefacts (e.g. Ready Player One) and much research in universities and IT companies. Since the inception of the Oculus Rift as an accessible head mounted display (HMD) for building VR applications the industry has exploded into a potentially $108 billion industry by 2021 [1]. Australia has industry and research communities as well performing research into the use of VR in entertainment, video, cultural heritage as well as low level hardware topics such as implementations of wireless VR HMDs. Various groups in Australia are collaborating and forming a robust presence in the research and startup spheres. We wish to establish with this workshop a focus for the research community in Australia and beyond in the direction of education, including dealing with issues local to Australia in areas of inclusiveness and diversity.
This workshop aims to draw together a group of VR/AR researchers to explore the boundaries of immersive virtuality in education; push into new territories identified from the workshop; and start developing a strategic vision for educational VR/AR and immersive learning/training.
One page position paper in OzCHI template should be submitted at:
  • Accepted position papers are published on this site. They will be published at QUT Eprints by the workshop organisers after the conference.
  • The authors of the accepted position papers will be invited to give a presentation and are expected to register for the workshop.
Workshop Date: December 4th, 2018.
Workshops are at RMIT University, building 80.
The workshop will take place at 80.11.07.
Tentative program can be found here
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